in 1972, a little girl who was called Susie was murdered. Michael Jackson composed a song for her and published it in 1995. How ever they didn't get a video. 1972年小女孩蘇絲被謀殺,MJ為她寫了首歌哀悼她,這首歌至今仍未有MV

Somebody killed little Susie有人殺了小蘇絲
The girl with the tune 有著美妙歌喉的小女孩
Who sings in the daytime at noon她常在午後唱歌
She was there screaming 她在那尖叫
Beating her voice in her doom 在生死間振喉
But nobody came to her soon...但無人即時趕到
A fall down the stairs 跌落在樓梯上
Her dress torn 她的衣裙破損

Oh the blood in her hair... 啊,她頭上的鮮血
A mystery so sullen in air 空氣中混濁著神秘
She lie there so tenderly 她躺在那,如此溫軟
Fashioned so slenderly 如此單薄
Lift her with care, 小心地托起她

Oh the blood in her hair... 喔,鮮血染紅了她的髮絲。
Everyone came to see 人人都簇擁圍觀
The girl that now is dead 現在那已死亡的女孩
So blind stare the eyes in her head... 她死不瞑目
And suddenly a voice from the crowd said 突然從人群中有一個聲音
This girl lived in vain 這女孩活得如此徒然無助
Her face bear such agony, such strain 她忍受了多少疼痛與疲勞
But only the man from next door 但只有鄰居
Knew Little Susie and how he cried 才能明白小Susie的苦,為她落淚。

As he reached down 他蹲下身來
To close Susie's eyes... 閤上Susie的雙眼
She lie there so tenderly她躺在那,如此溫軟
Fashioned so slenderly 如此的單薄
Lift her with care 小心地托起她

Oh the blood in hair... 喔,鮮血染紅了她的髮絲。
It was all for God's sake 看在上帝的份上
For her singing the tune 看在那絕倫的天籟上
For someone to feel her despair 看在有人想要感受她的絕望的份上
To be damned to know hoping is dead and you're doomed
想想吧,當你該死地知道希望已經消逝 你也行將死亡

Then to scream out 尖叫著
And nobody's there...卻沒人來..
She knew no one cared 她知道不會有人關心
Father left home, poor mother died 父親離開了家,可憐的母親也走了
Leaving Susie alone 只留下Susie一個人
Grandfather's soul too had flown... 爺爺的靈魂也飄向天堂

No one to care 沒人關心
Just to love her 也沒人愛護
How much can one bear 一個人要承受多少痛苦
Rejecting the needs in her prayers...抛棄了祈禱的願望
Neglection can kill 致命的漠視
Like a knife in your soul 就像你靈魂中的匕首
Oh it will 噢,一定如此

But Susie fought so hard to live... 但Susie卻如此努力的掙扎,想要活下去
She lie there so tenderly 她溫軟地躺在那裡
Fashioned so slenderly 如此單薄的身軀
Lift her with care 小心托起她
So young and so fair 還那麽年輕,那麽美麗

*歌詞翻譯選自好友柚子&網路翻譯簡易修改,節錄在《History》專輯裡頭排在第十四首曲目《little Susie》



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